Constance Marshall Miller is a native of Lewes Delaware, fifth generation born here.  After a long rewarding teaching career she retired in 2004 to pursue and further develop her passions with art.

Drawn to shells as a young child, Constance Marshall Miller explored fine art through shells early on and that is more than apparent in her creations.  Those talents were fine tuned while studying at the U of D where she received a BA and Masters in Art with a major in printmaking.

That graphics background is evident in her black & white pen and ink drawings and scratchboards loaded with whimsy much like the artist herself.  It was a trip to Sanibel Island Florida that took her love for shell art and lead to the craft of Victorian Sailor’s Valentine’s and Shell Mosaics.

The arrangements of intricate shell patterns in the octagonal boxes of Sailor’s Valentine’s is a labor of love.  Requiring dedication and talent beyond any other type of artwork.  There is no end to the possibilities of sizes, shapes, colors, themes and shells to use in a Valentine.  Making this timeless art form a part of the artist and a part of the world.


35995 Tarpon Drive, Lewes, DE  19958 | 645-8239